Bridging the Gap


The ‘BikeSafe’ strapline is ‘Bridging the Gap’ between passing the motorcycle test and taking up accredited training. Here we use Mark Godsland, who provided the article on Crime Reduction in the advice page, in an effort to demonstrate ‘BikeSafe’ in action.

Mark learned to ride in the mid 1980’s, progressing up from a 125cc and ending up with a Suzuki GT750. In the 90’s he left biking due to other responsibilities (the joys of fatherhood).

In 2004, Mark decided to return to biking and spent the winter months re-reading Motorcycle Road Craft, the Police riders manual, and other related publications as well as purchasing appropriate riding kit.

At the 2005 national ‘BikeSafe’ event, held at Cheltenham Racecourse, Mark underwent a 40 minute observed ride with a Police motorcyclist. The feedback and advice Mark received was encouraging and made him keen to make his future riding more enjoyable and, importantly, safer.

Following on from this Mark spent a couple of thousand miles consolidating his riding based upon the development advice he had received and, later in the year, he joined a local Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) group, the Severn Advanced Motorcyclists.

Following mentoring and three observed rides, Mark attempted the IAM advanced test, which he passed.

The advice he gleaned from the observer to the examiner which helped him to achieve his test success was well balanced, appropriate and to the point. It highlighted that, regardless of experience, ability and skills, there is always more to learn and rewards to be gained in progressing to a higher level of riding skill.

Mark says “Improving your overall riding skills will and does make the whole experience of riding in the 21st century worthwhile, safe and enjoyable. Now in 2009, I’m an IAM Observer and very much enjoying putting back what I have learned into the passion we call Biking. If I can achieve this after an absence of several years from riding, then anyone determined enough and willing to learn, can succeed and become a better, safer rider.”

So, ‘BikeSafe’ lived up to it’s name and mission goal for Mark.