‘BikeSafe’ is currently supported by the following:

  • Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)
  • Department for Transport (DfT)
  • Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DSA)
  • Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI)
  • Motorcycle Industry Trainers Associtation (MCITA)
  • Voluntary Organisations (IAM/RoSPA/ERS Providers)

The Association of Chief Police Officers is an integral part of why this initiative works. They insure that BikeSafe is promoted constantly around the country whilst regulating its delivery. It is clear that BikeSafe takes a lot of effort from those officers at ground level and true to say that passion is the driving force. However, in an organisation such as the police the direction and management of senior officers is essential. This ensures that those engaging and other organisations can trust the integrity and professionalism of our delivery.

The Department of Transport and Driving Standards Agency are government organisations that involved with safe public transport. To have their endorsement and to be a resource to draw on is without doubt very important. Having the DSA stamp of approval ensures others see the BikeSafe initiative as a qualified resource. Working alongside these departments can allow BikeSafe to involve alongside their operations very inexpensively. This further makes sure that strong consistent messages are given.

BikeSafe’ has historically enjoyed strong working ties with The Motorcycle Industry Association who have provided valuable support since the inception of National BikeSafe. They realise the resource and experience of a police run scheme has many benefits to the motorcycle community at large. To receive the Industry endorsement is most important. It allows us to access motorcyclists at every chance. The Motorcycle Show Live for example is where BikeSafe have been given such an opportunity and one that the police service could never find financial resources to accommodate without the MCI. There are several events in the calendar where this level of support is given.

Clearly there are professional trainers available to riders and BikeSafe position is to excite and influence further training. We are guarded to make sure that BikeSafe is not considered to deliver that level of training and in agreement with the Trainers Association we have constructed our facility to compliment onward training. We consider our position as firmly placed between passing a test and becoming an advanced qualified rider. Working closely within this family ensures that the correct messages are being delivered from the start of learning to ride to a position where the rider can realise their potential.

IAM/RoSPA/ERS Providers
The Institute of Advanced Motorists, The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents and Enhanced Riding Scheme Providers are renowned for their contribution to road safety. All the partners recognise this and consider their position as one that can be recommended as a facility to influence positive safe riding and road management skills. Working alongside these organisations once again re enforces the correct messages and tools that are involved with developing better riding skills.

There are many more supporters such as Local Authorities, Transport for London, Welsh Government, Road Safety Groups, Clubs, the Fire Service and Health Authorities to name a few involved. BikeSafe seeks to engage at every level and with all qualified resources available in our common aim to ensure that safe and responsible motorcycling continues.