Why is BikeSafe Needed?

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According to the Department of Transport data, in Great Britain during 2008, 6149 motorcyclist were killed or seriously injured.

By 2012, that figure had dropped to 5328. But that means that 328 rider still died!

An Audit Commission report found that road casualties cost the NHS in the region of £340 million annually and the economy as a whole £8 billion. These are astronomical figures and they make it clear that not only are communities bearing the grief of the death and injury, they are bearing the financial cost as well. As motorcyclists, we have to begin taking responsibility for our own safety, investing in assessment, training and re-training so we can begin to see the casualty figures dropping.

We know that the more training you get, the better and safer the rider you become.

The aim of BikeSafe is to encourage post test training and to improve rider attitude and behaviour and in doing so help reduce the number of motorcyclist being killed or seriously injured.