When BikeSafe Officers Go Off Road

Below is part of the evaluation that PC Ian Marriot gave. An advanced Bike Cop and BikeSafe coordinator :

The whole experience was fantastic, I have done off road in the past and love it, this did not disappoint. Some of the riding tips I had not previously had and as a result I came away a more knowledgeable off road rider.

It was also clear to see that even the one rider who had appeared nervous at the start had taken on board the teachings, applied them and had a great day which is no doubt the result of the structured approach of the day, nobody was thrown in at the deep end beyond their ability and unable to cope. Many experienced rear wheel skids some probably front wheel as well, something which they probably have never experience on the road, correcting a rear wheel skid when the back end steps out is a big thing for a motorcyclist on the road and can save a rider from injury or worse, it is not a skill to be practiced on a road but will transfer perfectly from off road training. It is a full days riding and quite tiring which adds to the satisfaction. For anyone who has never ridden a bike off road it is a perfect introduction.