Pool Quay Bike Night


The Poole Quay Bike Night Partners, led by Dorset Police with Poole Tourism and the Volunteer Marshal team have won a major international road safety award. The Prince Michael International Road Safety Award is awarded annually to initiatives that make a difference to road safety and recognises the outstanding commitment and efforts of the team in reducing the numbers of bike accidents connected to this event.

The partners have been working together for over 7 years and have seen a year on year reduction in biking collisions, despite the numbers of attendees rising. Speaking about the award PC Chris Smith of Dorset Police said “This is a great achievement and reflects on the hard work of all the team. Many of us have been working on this event for years and often attend every week during the season. It must also be recognised that the bikers themselves have helped us in making this one of the safest events anywhere through their positive attitudes to road safety.