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Our BikeSafe scheme runs workshops throughout the riding season from April to September. Each year we run a number of workshops open to all full bike licence holders who are looking to sharpen their skills and become better riders. These should not be members of Advanced Riding Groups as although we would very much like to work with all riders, there are only a limited number of places and these are therefore reserved for those who do not have membership of an advanced group.

Our workshops are held at convenient locations around the county so check the booking section for a workshop near you. They are broken into two parts. The Saturday will involve the theory of advanced riding given in a relaxed environment led by a Police Bike Instructor. It is a day inside preparing you for the road on day two. They will cover the skills you need and the how’s and where’s of bike accidents and problems. They should open your eyes to safer riding and make you think about your place on the road and how you manage the road space around you.

There is no such thing as the perfect rider, you can always learn more and be better

Our work is supported by Poole, Bournemouth & Dorset council’s and with their help we have managed to reduce the cost of our workshops for 2018. All this and more fun than you thought possible on two wheels is available to you for just £25 per rider.

This will be followed by the chance to take a 2 hour riding assessment with a BikeSafe observer the day after (Sunday). We ride real bikes on real roads in real situations and plan routes to take in all the various road conditions that you might find in our county. Our observer know how bike accidents happen, we are the people that go to them. So we can use this experience to help you. We can identify where you might be going wrong and what you can do to improve your safety and riding on our roads.

*** Our 2016 workshops are now online and available for bookings ***

We are limited on spaces so book early to avoid disappointment!

BikeSafe works. It helps you understand how to improve in these areas:

  • Safer use of road space
  • Better management of hazards
  • Smoother progress
  • Safer overtaking
  • More enjoyment of riding
  • Saves you fuel, as you use the bike the way you should
  • Less wear and tear on your machine
  • Cheaper insurance
  • A gateway into further training.