Workshop Content

Our workshops commence at 9 am sharp, but we ask you to arrive at our Spennymoor base no later than 8.45.

The format of the day consists of an interactive presentation by Advanced Police motorcyclists in the morning, followed by an on road assessed ride in the afternoon with a Cleveland and Durham Police observer.
The workshop content is based around hazard awareness and crash avoidance, and incorporates Motorcycle Roadcraft, the riding system used by emergency services motorcyclists to manage the ever changing road environment in a consistently safe way.

Prior to lunch there is a short presentation by Durham Advanced Motorcyclists, our local IAM group, about the “Skills for Life” programme.
After a buffet lunch at approximately midday, we continue with the afternoon programme.

The highlight of your day for many will be your BikeSafe assessed ride. This will be on the basis of no more than 1:2 ratio of Police observer to riders. The aim is to be as practical as possible, and your level of experience, aims and wishes will be taken into account. The routes are varied and will be chosen by your observer. At the conclusion of your assessed ride you will receive feedback from your observer.

We aim to make your Cleveland and Durham Bikesafe workshop as informative and enjoyable as possible, in a relaxed environment.