I would like to thank all at Bike Safe Team for a great day of training/assessment yesterday. Had a brilliant day and received many tips to improve my riding. A special thanks to Dave who looked after me and provided a great insight into the proper way to ride a bike.


Can you please pass my thanks onto all the people that organised and took part in yesterday’s bikesafe event. The whole day from the initial reception through to the final days debrief was a relaxed, and very informative experience. The assessors were always willing to answer any questions asked of them, offer advice when applicable and share their vast experience with all the riders who took part. The method of delivery was done in a non-confrontational but factual manor, and highlighted both the risks in motorcycling and the pleasures to be had from being a better trained and hopefully safer rider. I would like to thank both Tracy and Ian (my assessors) for their time and patience yesterday, and feel they gave me a real boost to my confidence in riding and I can certainly see the advantages and enjoyment of further training, which I will undertake throughout the year.


A big thank you to all at Bikesafe. I have been riding for 30 years without any professional training and this course taught me a lot of new techniques that I took for granted. You can teach an old dog new tricks! I will apply for further courses as they appear. A great day ,I will highly recommend to all I can.


I must say again that I got a lot out of the Bikesafe course and have enjoyed riding all summer. I now face the winter months and will continue riding with even more confidence than last year.


Hi Ian/Mick Thanks for a really great day yesterday. It was both fun and informative and I hope will continue to improve my riding. The presentation at the start was a good mix of entertainment and education making it easy to remember and keeping the group focussed, you look like you enjoyed doing it and I think that transmits to the people on the workshop. After the initial few minutes the ride also became just a ride with good friends receiving great advice and suggestions for things to work on Even the rain couldn’t damper the occasion. I am motivated now to do further advanced training. Mentioned it to Mick G who could also be interested. Maybe we can set something up in the not too distant future Cheers PJ Ps. Paul my neighbour also came home very motivated to try out his new skills and had a great day.


A note to say what a Good Idea for Ladies only Bike and what a great day ! I arrived as a rabbit in head lights and left with a grin on my face with much improved confidence generally and definitely with an increase in speed and cornering. The day was organised brilliantly and the constructive criticism gratefully received as much as the “well done “ at the end . “ Train as if your life depends on it ! “ – has a definite ring to it and great advice. Thanks again for everyone’s patience and support.


An excerpt from an online blog: All in all, I learnt more on the Essex Bikesafe day than I had done anywhere in months. Really enjoyed the day and the instructors are a decent bunch of lads – they genuinely want bikers to ride safe and stay safe. That’s what this day is all about, trying to change the culture around road riding. I have changed my riding significantly lately as I’m getting older, but this day made me think greatly about my riding. So much so…….that I have now undergone further training with Mick Jones on a one to one basis in order to gain a Rospa advanced riding award/certificate. My exam is in August 2011 – my blog on this is to follow, which is pretty in depth! Lastly, I would like to thank the Essex Police and congratulate the Bikesafe folk who made this such a worthwhile day. To read the full blog go to http://advancedriding.blogspot.com/ (You will have to copy and paste the link into your browser)


Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I got out of the BikeSafe day I attended on Sunday 12th June. I do quite high mileage on my bike as I commute into London but was in no doubt that I’d benefit from some further training and advice. I hadn’t realised that, for all my abilities in physically handling my bike and my experience on the roads, I was making some pretty severe errors that were without any doubt increasing my chance of a serious accident. I spent the on road sessions with Mick Jones who was excellent in not only explaining what I was doing wrong but why and how I should be doing things. Without question I left the day a better and safer biker. From the advice given I’m also riding the bike more smoothly and enjoying it even more as a result. I came with the expectation I’d simply be assessed and maybe pick up some further training on the back of this – I actually learnt a substantial amount and more than my own experience could ever teach me without finding out the hard way. I have already recommended the course to several friends and may well attend again in the future to ensure I am keeping the bad habits that creep in at bay. It’s a hugely valuable day and the time taken by all the Police and civilian trainers was very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.


“Hello. I attended the BikeSafe day on Saturday and I wanted to pass on my comments. What an excellent day! I spent the day riding with Ian Maxwell and one other and cannot put into words how much I benefited from Ian’s experience so this email is intended as one big THANK YOU. I think this day is amazing value, great fun and a must for any biker.”


Dear Mick, I just wanted to say thank you to all the guys who ran the Bike Safe course  on Sunday. I was quite nervous at first – especially when I realised I was the only female on the course! – but everyone was really friendly and helpful. The talk at the start was really interesting, amusing at times, and everything very clearly explained. The main thing I wanted to get out of the day was that I have only been riding for a few months and am not confident on bends. I’ve been told before about the “vanishing (limit) point” but finally got it (thanks Ian!), and could apply it when I went out on the roads with Al Sims. Al was great. He was very patient, but bossy enough to make us do the Burnham Bends five times despite my protestations of nerves at the 90 degree turns! I’m so glad he did because the final time, things came together. It was brilliant when everything finally clicked – observation, positioning, throttle, gear selection and then the bends flowed more easily. We went on some fantastic roads and I just wish I could remember where they all were! I was really chuffed with the second assessment where I’d gone from a few Cs and B’s and an A, to an A and the rest B’s (despite a minor incident with a 40mph limit, ahem). I think this is an excellent day out and would recommend it to anyone. I can’t wait to get back on my bike and go for a spin to practice what I have learned. Obviously I don’t think that a one day course now means I’m a fantastic rider, but it’s given me a good grounding for improving my skills and when I have the money and a few more miles under my belt, I plan on signing up for one of the advanced riding skills courses that were mentioned. Thanks again to everyone who gives their time to pass on the benefit of their experience to help improve our skills, to try and keep bikers safe on the roads. You do a great job and it’s much appreciated. Kind regards, Trisha & Beryl (that’s the Hornet)