I would like to say a big thank you to all who were involved with yesterday’s BikeSafe course. I found it extremely helpful and gave me a better feeling about riding my bike. All the Police officers who presented material were excellent, friendly and made the morning sessions a pleasure to attend. The Officer who escorted me in the afternoon ride was charming and very constructive with his feedback. I really enjoyed his valuable tips and advice and the manner in which he joined us in the ride, reinforced my opinions of a professional, effective and polite and friendly, Police Force (Service).

Graham, Alan and John

Please would you pass on our thanks to the Bikesafe team, specifically Martin, David and Julian.The classroom work was excellent, informative.
The roadwork; feedback, observations and comments from David and Martin were constructive and spot on.We all totaly apreciated the time and dedication your team took to provide us with this very valuable day. Again thank you.


I attended the Isle of Wight Bikesafe run by Hampshire Police last Sunday 12th May Please pass on my most sincere thanks to Martin who took the course and made the morning session so worthwhile, he pitched the presentation just right by not trying to tell us how to ‘suck eggs’ but instead offering an excellent mix of good instruction on roadcraft and personal experiences and anecdotes that ensured the content was always informative interesting and never repetitive, all i can say is that i learnt so much and the time flew by But well though Martin did, it was the observed ride that was the highlight of the day for me, i count myself lucky that PC 1704 Andy was the Police Motorcycle rider who i was paired up with, what a great ambassador for the Hampshire Police. he was motivational, offered superb advice, made the task look so easy and relaxed and most important of all gave me some great advice that will without doubt make me a safer and better rider. Not withstanding the fact that he was such a smashing chap and kept me and Brian focused and motivated during the rain that set in for the second half of the ride My thanks also to the Hampshire/Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Paramedic who did a great job Martin and Andy may i both thank you and salute you for giving us such a great day!


I would like to thank all the team at Bikesafe for such an enjoyable day last Sunday. The morning’s instruction was superbly delivered by, I think, Martin? I’ve run a few workshops in my life and his presentation and skill in reaching the participants could not have been bettered. His mixture of information and humour kept us totally engaged. The afternoon session exceeded all my expectations: the one motorcycle police rider to 2 participants was an excellent ratio and gave us the opportunity to really learn and, in my case, change my riding style. We had Brett who was nothing short of superb! In spite of the rain that began shortly after we started, his good humour remained undampened and his insight and help has totally transformed the way I approach corners. A thoroughly enjoyable day and many, many thanks to all of you. I will encourage friends among the motorcycling community to sign up for future courses.


Hi, I just wanted to take some time out to thank both Bike (in general) and Robert Hall – the kind chap that took me out to critique my riding. In particular, 3 hours with Bob has changed my riding style and my outlook completely – something I’d never have been able to do on my own. This alone has justified the course to me and hopefully (once I’ve nagged) my fellow rider friends. I’m now convinced I should move forwards with my rider training with (most likely) the IAM. So again, thank you and mostly to Bob for being there today and helping me understand how to better enjoy myself out there. Thanks.


I would just like to say a big thankyou to the BikeSafe team, i found the workshop very helpfull and enjoyable. The instruction and helpfull pointers have transformed my riding and as we worked in pairs i was able to observe the same changes to riding style in my fellow participant, this helped to build confidence aswell as prove that the these changes were making a big difference. Once again Thankyou.


As a new lady rider i feel much more confident and did not feel at all intimidated beeing one of only three women on the course very professional and informative i shall be recommending thiis course to all my friends.


I thoroughly enjoyed BikeSafe and have already recommended it to friends. The course is very informative well priced and the guys running it were friendly and approacheable and clearly had a passion for what they do.


One of the best days …….. The atmosphere was supportive and friendly. The letutes and material made the messages really clear. The ride out was way beyond what i imagined and i can’t belive how much i improved in such a short time hence my desire to have more sessions!


This was the best thing I have done for a long time. I have been riding bikes forn a considerable time but on reflection realise that I have never been taught how to ride a bike other than that required for the test. Having seen the difference this short time made to my riding I am considering further training. Thanks.


I’d thoroughly recommend this course to other biking friends or colleagues and appreciated the interest of the observer in asking what it was I particularly wanted to get out of the afternoon assessment. While the BikeSafe officers were quick to highlight or recommend further training with the IAM or a similar body and there were representatives of these organisations who just happened to be on the course it would be useful if there were literature or contact details available in the morning classroom to take away. I very much welcomed the honest comments and remarks of the assessor and time given by all the assessors who showed such a dedication to enhancing the riding skills of the attendees.


Definately worth doing. I have told all of my friends that ride bikes that they should attend one asap. I never realised how complacent I had become and will now look to complete a few advanced lessons etc. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.


This is a great day’s training that really makes a difference. I suspect that many of the attendees were fairly competent to begin with – the challenge must be to get to those riders who have most to gain from BikeSafe.


I felt that the welcome to the course was excellent and very friendly. The presentations were professionally made well done Gabe and Martin. The guest speaker was similarly friendly and professional. I should also like to offer a comment about the assessor I rode with in the afternoon. John was very helpful making constructive comments and offering good advice throughout the entire afternoon session. Well done to The Chief Constable for allowing this course to be run by his very professional officers. It is a snip at 75 but maybe some folk would not and could not pay more than the current price which to me seems reasonable. Having just spent a considerable sum to learn to ride and pass my test I thought the day was excellent value for money.


I had a good day out in the classroom and the ultimate for me was riding with police motorcyclists in a safe and correct manner.Their knowledge is second to none. Excellent day please keep it up.


The formative and summative assessments were well structured and the group dynamics were good. The instructors were experienced and knowledgeable and the assessors were helpful. encourageing and informative.


I am really glad I did this course it was a great day on the road and in the classroom. The guys were approachable and gave advice where needed from a policing and personal perspective. I would highly reccomend this course to any novice bikers and will make sure all my friends know about it.


A very good day. Thought provoking and a good refresher to prompt me to work on correcting bad habits. Hazard awareness filtering and 1st aid inputs – very useful. I hope the government cuts don’t impact on Bike Safe – it’s injury and life saving benfits must be acknowledged and maintained.


Really worthwhile excellent course…I had a great day and rode away with new knowledge and skills. Also aside from the obvious focus on improving rider capability it also helps to get bikers closer to the police….it becomes obvious very quickly that they are not ‘the enemy’ and they truly want motorcyclists to enjoy what they do but also to do it safely.


I have been able to assess cornering much better as correct lines & speeds have been well explained and put into practice. I feel much more confident and feel safer on my bike as a direct result of the course. I feel that the hazards presented to a rider were well broken down and the safer alternative made obvious. Having ridden for 2 and a half years after passing my test I feel this course should be compulsory for a newly qualified rider. There were aspects of this course which although obvious now could save lives. And probably do.


Hi, Thank you for giving such a succinct yet comprehensive (and necessary) day’s training. Show, tell, do was very much in evidence, but most importantly – IT MADE ME THINK OF ALL road users, not just where I was but why I was in that position in the road. It is great fun on a bike and looking at the A272 westbound there were plenty of bikers who were also having fun — but for how long? I really appreciate the opportunity which you have given me to understand as well as do. The courtesy and good humour of the officers who took us out was great, they must have had a few moments of, ‘Now did he/she do that?’ In the great scheme of things worthwhile efforts are often rendered subordinate to tasks which have outcomes which can be easily and statistically validated. I just hope that the evidence of the making fraternity who gained reinforcement of their numerate, but ill-considered, practices is not lost. Numbers have no personality which can be lost in traffic accidents. Thanks, yours aye.   David Much emphasis was placed on obsevation through road position which I thought I did already; only to realise there is so much more I could be doing. The constructive comments and demonstration on the observed ride has already improved by ability at this.


The police guys came across very well great style and presentration skills.


A great investment of time one of the best courses I have attended (not just motorcycle). The team from Hampshire RPU were fantastic and in communicating their method of riding.


I am now aware of my many bad habits and also of my overconfidence. I now ride with more awareness. I’d like to give you some positive feedback on the Hampshire BikeSafe course I attended on June 26th. I have to say it was extremely worthwhile and the mix of classroom theory with riding assessments with police motorcyclists was highly effective. It has certainly ‘bridged the gap’ for me and has increased my riding confidence ten fold. Special thanks to all the police riders that gave up their time…it was very much appreciated by all. Dear Sir, I attended the Bike Safe Course run by the Hampshire Roads Policing Unit on Sunday 26th June 2011. I would like to congratulate and thank the team; Gabe, Martin & Andy who delivered a most informative and educational day. The format was excellent delivering a good grounding in the theory of progressive riding and the system applied by the police. Followed by a session with one of the Basics Doctors (Bruce Armstrong (?)) on some basic life saving techniques and a practical demonstration for helmet removal from a casualty, which is invaluable. The afternoon observed riding with Julian Ainsworth to apply the theory learned in the morning brought it all together and made perfect sense when put into practice. This I’m sure has already improved my riding observation and planning. You have an excellent team who are a credit to you not only for their professionalism but their ability to be educators as well. Well done and thank you to Hampshire Constabulary and the Bike Safe team a really good investment of time and resources.   anon Thank you for putting on a most interesting and informative day for the Bike safe workshop, I must say that i found the whole day really rewarding. Despite considering myself to be fairly long in the tooth in biking terms I wanted to approach the day with an open mind to get the most from it and certainly wasn’t disappointed. I took away a great deal that I hope to put into practice to improve the way i ride and stay much safer out there as a result. Special thanks to Andy Gibbs for the ride out in the afternoon, hugely enjoyable and a great learning experience despite the awful weather and poor conditions.


Thank you for organising the final couple of hours of my Bikesafe workshop with Andy Gibbs last Saturday. As you know I suffered a puncture on the first day I attended the workshop hence this additional day. Saturday proved to be an invaluable morning for me, Andy is obviously a very experienced Police motorcyclist and he gave candid, constructive criticism which I have no doubt will help improve my own awareness of safe riding. Andy passed on a whole wealth of important advice that I may otherwise have never learnt. Thank you both very much for your time and effort.


After spending last Sunday with you and your team, on the bikesafe course, I’d just like to say thanks on behave of Debra and I for a very informative and beneficial day. The morning was great, and I will defiantly be having a ‘plan’ for every moment of my future rides, and will be much more alert to other road uses. The afternoon out with Chris was even better, with both Deb and I now been a lot more confident on safely cornering and been able to position our bikes on the roads for any eventuality. It’s really difficult to quantify the benefits of this course, but both Deb and I haven’t stopped discussing various parts of the day, and we both feel we are now better and safer riders. Thanks again to you and your team. Thanks for a fantastic day on sunday! I thouroughly enjoyed it. It was very informative and I learnt so much. Riding is even more a joy now and I feel much more in control. The approach was very relaxed and Jason was very good at making you not feeling bad if you made a mistake. It was all positive critisism. In my opinion every rider should attend this course and a lot of lived would be saved. I certainly will do another one again in a couple of years and then get a full B. Keep up the good work. Kind Regards Good Afternoon, I would just like to pass on my thanks to the bikesafe team for the excellent workshop that I joined yesterday. It is a credit to the course content & instruction that both myself with over 30 years experience & the other rider of 3 years experience that I was paired with were catered for, we both came away with better skills than we started with. I would especially like to thank Drew who made the ride enjoyable as well as informative, whoever said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!! I have spoken to my 22 year old son who will be putting his name down for next year’s course. Have just done the Bikesafe day with Hampshire police. Had a fantastic day (it even stayed dry), great roads, friendly guys and lots of good pointers. I’ll definitely recommend this to friends. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved.


Peacock Hi Mike, Just like to pass on my thoughts about last Saturday’s Bike Safe course. One of the biggest questions I’ve heard amongst my colleagues is “do they really work?” “do they do any good?”I can now answer that question with a very positive yes. In my case I’ve been away from motorcycling for many years (children got in the way) and recently returned. I don’t ride all the time so I felt I needed some “refresher” training. It soon became clear that I needed a lot more than that. I had fallen into some bad habits and practises and was very under confident. I needed an instructor who was harsh but at the same constructive and fair, mine was just that. I had made a number of mistakes and felt quite down about it all. By his good nature and patient encouragement I was able to learn so much and with his help and advice, by the end of the day my own riding had improved greatly. I recognise that I still have a long way to go but I now have the confidence and knowledge to go on the road and practise what I’ve been taught in a safe and confident manner. As you know we were nearly involved in a nasty situation on the A272 when someone came round a blind bend on the wrong side of the road. As a result of what I’d been taught that very afternoon I was in the right position to take avoiding action in good time, for me no panic no drama. It could have been so much worse. I want to pass on my thanks for the level of instruction I received on that Saturday, it might just have saved my life. Kind regards, Brian Peacock.


I’d thoroughly recommend this course to other biking friends or colleagues and appreciated the interest of the observer in asking what it was I particularly wanted to get out of the afternoon assessment. While the BikeSafe officers were quick to highlight or recommend further training with the IAM or a similar body and there were representatives of these organisations who just happened to be on the course it would be useful if there were literature or contact details available in the morning classroom to take away. I very much welcomed the honest comments and remarks of the assessor and time given by all the assessors who showed such a dedication to enhancing the riding skills of the attendees.