BikeSafe. Frequently Asked Questions

‘I haven’t passed my bike test yet, can I attend?’ No, unfortunately. This is a post-test training initiative. BikeSafe agreed with the Motor Cycle Industry Association not to take provisional licence holders, MCIA represent bike schools as well as manufacturers. So a full, or restricted power, licence is required and you will need to bring it and Insurance/MoT certs. with you to show you and your bike are fit for the road.

‘I have a cruiser style bike. Is any type of bike okay?’ All bike types are welcome and catered for. It is the rider we are working with and all riders benefit from the content of what we offer. However, you and your bike have to be road legal. We have a common sense outlook but it does put us in the difficult position if you were to be illegal when out on the road.

‘I’m not very experienced and not particularly confident. Will I be out of my depth?’ Not in the slightest. The booking information you give helps us to tailor the session. This is a day to enjoy and enlighten, not to put you under pressure. All riders are welcome.

‘I don’t have leather riding kit. Is other stuff okay?’ Yes of course, leathers are not to everyone’s taste. However, we are a safety organisation promoting all aspects of safe riding. We strongly recommend wearing proper kit, manufactured specifically for the purpose, but we won’t turn you away as long as you are legal. Be prepared, we will go out in all weather conditions except thick fog or snow and ice. We will also go out, hopefully, in nice sunny weather. If it’s really hot, please don’t turn up wearing shorts and flip-flops!

‘How is the day organised?’ The day consists of 2 principle sections, an informal theory session followed by an on-road assessed ride. A maximum of 14 attendees will ride out with an observer usually in a 1 to 1 but occasionally in a 2 to 1 ratio, matched with your riding experience in mind or perhaps simply because you’ve come with a friend.

‘What about food & drink?’ We will provide free tea/coffee and biscuits on your arrival and during the morning session. The observed rides usually take in a local bike café for a break or you can bring your own packed lunch.

‘Where does Humberside BikeSafe take place?’ Our BikeSafe workshops are presently held at:-

The Hall

Central Avenue


East Riding of Yorkshire

HU17 8HL


‘Cancellations?’ In a word, no. It’s very difficult logistically for us to refill places at short notice. If you are not able to attend, you should contact the booking centre and advise them, depending on the circumstances, we may be able to offer you an alternative date. If we have to cancel due to adverse weather (snow/ice/fog) or other unforeseen reason, we will give you as much notice as possible and offer you a different date or full refund.

Stu Farquharson, Humberside BikeSafe coordinator.