Humberside Testimonials


I just wanted to say, what a terrific day Bike Safe was. Worth every penny – in fact, I feel guilty… like I have underpaid! I know exactly what to focus on now and that I want to go on a do some more advanced rider training. Invaluable, and presented by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and likeable (well, aren’t all bikers) chaps.

So thank you very much. I have done nothing but recommend it to everyone I have encountered, even on my own Bike Event Twitter Feed.

Long may it last – keep up the excellent work!


This was a first class presentation. I honestly believe I learned more in the day then in my previous 30 years. The classroom element was excellent and I can’t speak highly enough of my ride observer – I’ll aspire to approach his standard!


Excellent weekend thoroughly enjoyed it will recommend to other bikers


great team the police and IAM all working for me providing help and guidance


very good idea with good informative instructors who share their knowledge and experience and who tell it as it is

even learning one thing could save someones life so well worth

it also a good idea to have the first aid fella there very good instructor with the right sense of humour

enjoyed the day and will recommend to others



Excellent course, friendly, approachable and knowledegable tutors – have recommended to my colleagues.  Gained loads of skills and knowledge – should be compulsory for all new riders.  Best £45 I’ve spent in a long time.


Brilliant weekend. sent me off in the right direction buoyed with confidence


Great day, thank the team who gave their time to make the day possible


Having stopped riding in 1973 and started again in 2009 I had not previously had any form of training in my life. The test back in 1968 was to ride round a few blocks with a guy with a clipboard watching you and jumping out in the road in front of you to do an emergency stop! That’s it quite laughable today. Returning to bikes in 2009 I started with a scooter and then went to a 700cc small bike for a year then couple of months ago to this 1200cc Triumph with substantially more weight and quite remarkable power. I just knew I had to get up to date in how to ride properly and make sure I am safe and competent riding such a machine. I had identified some private courses on the internet but was unsure which to take and what would be the quality? When I was handed the Bikesafe leaflet at a petrol station I went on line and booked straight away. I am also very glad that I came to the 2 day course. As the police rider is not allowed to train/coach (his guidance and assessments was first class top bloke and made me feel really at ease) I would nevertheless have come away feeling I had gained more knowledge but only partial development as a rider. My IAM trainer on the second day was excellent (Jenni from York) and in the 4 hours session I learnt so much that has had a real impact on my riding and given me confidence and a desire to develop my riding further. I can’t thank her enough. On the basis of my experience I would say that all the Bikesafe events should be the 2 day version to be fully effective. Thoroughly enjoyed it just unbelieveable value for money. Thanks to all the team involved great two days.

Bob. Attended 26th June 2012

The course was great, thank you (except for the rain on the way to the venue), and I’ll be going tonight to the RoSPA meeting.


I was encouraged to book a BikeSafe workshop by a colleague – A full day of classroom theory session, roadside first-aid then get your riding assessed by a top class instructor all for 35 quid, what are you waiting for? Having only passed my test 9 months previously, I thought do it now before any bad habits get grooved in. I can honestly say in terms of biking it’s the best £35 you can spend. Everything is done in a stress free, open atmosphere. The wide mix of people on my course meant for healthy discussion and different points of view. After the theory session comes the best bit, the ride assessment. I did feel a little apprehensive, who wouldn’t getting your riding assessed by the UK BikeSafe co-ordinator Oh! And serving Police Officer to boot. But Glen was great, put me at ease, and took the ‘nerves’ out of the situation. The ride was in two halves a ride out, followed by a de-brief with tips and pointers, then a ride back. Putting into practice even those few brief tips upped my riding without a doubt. As it says it’s a taster to “Bridge the gap”. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of riding possibilities. I thought I’ve got to have more of this so shortly after signed up for IAM training and the best thing is that BikeSafe gives you a £25 money off voucher against IAM. Whether you’ve just passed your test or been riding for years – DO IT. Nothing to lose but potentially masses to gain. Why wouldn’t you want to get more out of your riding and stay alive. Many thanks to Glen and his team for a top day and spurring me on to do more.

Mick Capes

Hello Chris. Just wanted to say thanks very much, the new helmet is superb.! The ride I had with Steve (at least I think it was Steve, youngish lad from Scunny.?) was an hour well spent. Though I’ve ridden since I was sixteen, ( that’s over 30 years now both summer and winter), it’s always good to get your riding checked over. Steve pointed out a couple of things and I was able to talk through some concerns I had with him. A day well spent. My time on a bike has taught me that ultimately it’s my responsibility to ensure I stay healthy. It’s little consolation laying at the side of the road (or worse) thinking ‘It was their fault’ as it’s me, and my family who’ll feel the pain most. It’s how I ride these days and something I try to put across all who express an interest in bikes. Thanks again, the work you guys do IS appreciated and regardless of coming up trumps in the prize draw I was already a winner. Regards, Mick Capes. Grimsby