Will I receive written confirmation of my booking?

Yes. You will receive an email confirmation of booking as soon as payment is received.

If I pay by cheque, when will my cheque be cashed?

As soon as it is received.

Do I need my own bike to do the BikeSafe course?

Ideally, yes you do. Although it is okay if you borrow a friend’s bike, you will need to ensure you are appropriately insured and it will be your responsibility to check the bike is taxed and has an up to date MOT.

Why should I do the course?

The course is professionally run by a number of highly skilled riders from different professions. Even if you think your riding cannot be improved, you will still take away new skills and knowledge from the course and should be a safer rider for attending the course. The course is designed to reduce the number of people killed and injured on the roads each year. Statistics show that since the BikeSafe course has been running, the number of two wheeled motor vehicles involved in collisions has dropped.

Must I wear leathers / protective equipment to go on the course?

You will clearly need to wear a helmet as this is a legal requirement. Leathers, boots and gloves, although not a legal requirement, are strongly advised.

Must I provide documents on the day i.e. MOT, licence and insurance?

Yes, you will be reminded of this your confirmation email.

I am banned from riding, can I do the course?

No, you must have a current, valid licence to attend the course. However, when you are entitled to drive again, we would urge you to book onto a course.

I have points on my licence, can I do the course?

Yes, in fact it’s probably prevalent for you to do the course to make you a safer rider all round.

What is the minimum and maximum age I can be allowed onto the course?

The minimum age is 17 but you must have a full bike licence – we can’t take people on a CBT alone. There is no maximum age but you must be up to being involved in two full and active days.

It is unsuitable weather for riding – will the course still go ahead?

It would be advisable to telephone the contact numbers on your confirmation letters to check before you set off if the weather is very bad (gales, rain, snow, ice etc) or even if there is a heat wave. In the event that a course is cancelled due to the weather, we will offer a full refund or move you onto another course, available spaces pending.

Do I need a high visibility vest?

These are provided for you to wear on each day. You return them at the end of each ride. However, high visibility and reflective wear are advisable when riding at all times to help you be seen by other road users.

What if I have special dietary needs?

There is information on the email confirmation informing you who to contact with any dietary requirements.

How much experience do I need to go on the course?

You can have just passed the test, or you could have been riding for 40 years, it does not matter. The course will be tailored to suit your individual needs.

I haven’t ridden in a long time – can I still go on the course?

Yes! In fact, a large amount of our attendees are riders returning to motorcycling after a period of absence from a few years to a few decades! As long as you feel up to completing the two to three hour rides, we would encourage you to book.

Will I have fun?

You certainly will! We receive a high volume of letters of thanks from attendees of the courses. Those delivering the course really do enjoy what they do. They are very knowledgeable, have a wealth of experience and have great senses of humour which adds to the fun of the course!

I own a quad bike? Can I attend the course?

No, the course is specifically for two wheeled motor vehicles. Is it likely that the course will be cancelled for any reason? This has only happened once in the 7 years of Merseyside BikeSafe and was due to the police officers used to run the course being required to perform operational duties elsewhere. In the unlikely event that this was to happen again, you would all be notified at the earliest opportunity and offered another place on an available course or a full refund.