I would like to thank all the Bike Safe Team
Including the Police and especially David from RoSPA on Saturday as I was quite nervous and apprehensive which he put me at ease and that’s makes so much of difference he was really patient with me and will you pass on my thanks to him
Also Brian Dring from the Sefton IAM again please thank Brian for me as well sorry they got the short straw!!
A great course every well recommended loved every minute
And will you pass on my thanks on to everyone involved it is really appreciated
Thanks and please keep up the good work and keeping us wiser and of course Safe on our bikes


I completed the merseyside bikesafe workshop on the 9th / 10th July and would like to say a massive thank you to Bob, Colin, Paul and all the guys who gave up there time to assess and help us with our riding skills. This was a fantastic weekend and I came away having learnt so much and feeling more confident in my own riding skills and its all thanks to the bikesafe workshop. I can honestly say thats the best £60 I have ever spent, cheap at twice the price. It has encouraged me to look at further advanced training which I will be doing as soon as I return from holiday. Im looking forward to receiving, by email, I think, photos taken on the day together with my individual assessment results, which the guys assured us they would email to us as soon as possible once again THANK YOU to Merseyside Police, Fire and the Wirrall Advanced Motorcycle group I will certainly be beating the drum on your behalf


I’ve just attended the Merseyside 2 day course (9/10 July) and would like to say what a great experience it was. I had assumed that with 35 plus safe years of car driving and a fair amount of bike experience I would pretty well know it all already… How wrong I was. I realise that most riders, no matter how experienced they are, will not be anywhere close to riding the way these professionals ride. noo amount of riding experience can teach you the correct way; all you will do is enforce bad habits! They are excellent teachers too and very down to earth. There is nothing quite like one one one riding for two hundred miles over two days with a (friendly) bike cop observing you to make you concentrate too! If you have any doubts about whether to do the course, or think that because you are a conservative rider it will all be ok please think again. You really will improve your skills and therefore your chances of riding safely. Well done to Colin and Bob and the team for a very worthy and enjoyable weekend.


My husband and I have completed a Wirral Bikesafe weekend over the past 2 days (9th & 10th July) I would just like to let you know that we have both gained so much from these 2 days, its been marvellous. I only ride pillion with my husband but I have learnt so much, it can but help me be a better pillion. I am now fully “pillionised”. We have the bike to tour together and I now feel I can fully support him. He has enough to think about while riding without having to worry about me! I think the 2 days will also help me be a better car driver. I feel I am a safe driver already but the things I have learnt this weekend will easily transfer to my car driving. I feel I have a better awareness of the possible hazards on the roads, how they are caused, and how, more importantly they can be prevented. We are going to promote this weekend to everyone we know who has a bike, no matter how good they think they are! or how long they have been riding. I am a nurse in our local hospital and see everyday the results of accidents that have ruined lives, I do not want us to be among those figures. The trainers throughout the 2 days where fantastic and so supportive. Not once did they make me feel uneasy because I was the only a pillion rider there. Thank you all for the Bikesafe programme. If I had one thing to comment on, it’s that I don’t think you charge enough for the 2 days. It seems a very small price to pay to save your life!


hi just to say thankyou for an excellent course with the merseyside police this weekend! my two sons and myself thouroughly enjoyed it and gained loads of valuable advice and information to use !


I attended the Merseyside Police Bike Safe on the weekend of the 16th & 17th of October and am contacting you to say what a great event it was. The observers were truthful in their remarks however never destroyed confidence or condecending. The police officers gave a good insight into modern traffic policing and attempted to break down any barriers between the group and themselves, explaining that they would rather educate than fine bikers. All in all it was an excellent course and the advertising on Rock Radio in Manchester is working. I will be recommending to all of my friends to attend and have an inward look at thier own skills.

Jim Andrews, ‘Civil Service Motoring Asscoiation’ Magazine

“I feel compelled to sing the praises of The Wirral and Merseyside Police Forces Bikesafe workshop I attended last weekend for £50. The 16 attendees had two individual ride assessments and covered about 120 miles in total.The assessors were either Police riders or Fire Service riders who gave lots of excellent advice. There were beverages and butties included in the price along with a very emotional wake up call from a bereaved mum about a motorcycle accident. I went to the workshop partly out of curiosity and also for some reassurance that I am not such a bad rider.”

Comment from rider from October’s course

“I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to the other members of the team. I will be recommending to all of my friends that no matter what their skill level, this course will make a difference to their riding and the people involved are skilled professionals that genuinely wish to help”


Hi just wanted to say a huge thanks to the Merseyside bike safe team for the course 17th 18th Sept. It was friendly, educational, informative and really enjoyable. The guys gave great feedback and helped to iron out the creases in my riding. The first aided info and helmet removal was really good – I just hope I have learnt something I never have to use. It’s up to me to get the practice in now to hone the skills picked up and push myself into further training. I really enjoyed the weekend. Thanks again