Workshop Content

For 2016 Merseyside Bikesafe will be running 2-day events, which will consist of a standard Bikesafe workshop on the Saturday, and on Sunday a daylong taster session with trainers from IAM and RoSPA.

After introductions and administration, (checking Driving licence, Insurance, MOT etc), the Saturday workshop will start with a classroom based session presented by a Police Bikesafe Officer. With the help of an interactive DVD, the techniques of advanced riding skills, based on the Police manual of riding, Roadcraft, will be discussed. This is an ideal opportunity for discussing the common causes of crashes.

There will be breaks for tea, coffee and lunch is provided. In the afternoon there will be an observed ride out with either a Police Officer, IAM or RoSPA observer. The observer will provide advice on how to improve your riding. At the conclusion you will be given a full debrief, a certificate of attendance and goody bag, which will contain a copy of the Roadcraft book and Highway Code.

The Sunday session will commence with a handover to IAM and RoSPA with a brief presentation by their representatives. There will then follow an assessed ride out. The ride out will take up the majority of the day. There will be a break for you to purchase refreshments at a suitable location, or you can bring your own. After the ride out there will be a full ride feedback.

2018 Workshop Dates

    • 21st & 22nd April
    • 19th & 20th May
    • 16th & 17th June
    • 14th & 15th July
    • 11th & 12th August
    • 1st & 2nd September
    • 6th & 7th October

We take a maximum of 16 riders per course