nwscootersafeIt is recognised that BikeSafe can only accommodate those who have passed their full licence to ride. However, there is increasing concern for learners and commuters on small capacity machines. In order to address this BikeSafe North Wales supported by road safety partners now provide a Free 2 hr Scooter Safe engagement. It is intended to allow those riders on any motorcycle up to 125cc who have passed their full licence or CBT on ‘L’s to take part in an on road assessment. A facilitator from the BikeSafe team will discuss areas of concern with the learner rider in an effort to develop safer and more satisfying riding. We will touch on defensive techniques that riders on small capacity machines need to adopt in compliance to CBT instructor level and we will not encourage advanced techniques unless you are a full licence holder as it may contaminate the level of riding needed to pass a DSA test.

Scooter Safe also provides presentations for commercial enterprises, Educational facilities and clubs etc

Scooter Safe has been developed in consultation with CBT trainers, Motor Technicians, NHS and other Road Safety Partners.

For further information please contact the North Wales BikeSafe team dedicated number or e mail – 01492 804135 or