What the riders say…

Paul I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks following the bike assessment that Rich Tordoff gave me last week. I have to say it was such an amazing experience. Getting access to experienced bike riders such as Rich has given me an invaluable insight and perspective on the way that I ride and what I can do to improve on it. I know have a long way to go, but I spent the weekend riding around taking into account everything that I was taught, and I can honestly say I think this experience has not only made me safer, but also helped me to enjoy riding my bike more again too following a few glitches over the last few months that knocked my confidence. Rich spent so much time with me advising me on things like sitting back further from vans and so on to watch everything unfold infront of me and provide better vision all round before an overtake for example, but most importantly telling me how I can corner in a more smooth and controlled manner. That alone has made a massive difference to my riding and I am thoroughly grateful for this. Once again thanks for the opportunity and thanks to Rich [I dont have his details] for an outstanding afternoon.

Gary from Sheffield riding a Triumph Sprint:

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and the team for the valuable information given yesterday. I put into practice some of the points raised during the morning session, during the afternoon ride-out. These techniques coupled with the observations of a highly qualified, knowledgeable and capable mentor enabled me to come away with the knowledge that myself and my pillion will be that much safer on the roads from now on. You and the Team are doing a great job and long may it continue.

John from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue riding a Honda SP1:

The lads we met on Friday were brilliant. I went away at the end of the day with a far better insight into certain aspects of my riding that can (and will) be improved. Top day all-in-all.

Ian from Sheffield riding a Triumph Sprint:

Thanks very much for a most informative and enjoyable day. I found the class room work very interesting and realised how little I know about hazard perception. The interaction of the whole group seemed to work well and the presentation had a nice balance of informal yet factual style. The ride-out went well covering plenty of miles and picked up loads of tips. How refreshing to learn from an expert in the field with a good sense of humour and loads of knowledge. I will recommend this course to all my biking pals!”


I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the guys at the South Yorkshire BikeSafe team. I did my day in Aprill this year. At the time I had just joined ROSPA so all the advice that I received on the day helped me to go on to get a Gold Award. I am now training with ROSPA to become an observer. I think anyone who rides a bike should take the chance to gain knowlege from the police bike team. Many thanks John.