Don’t just take our word for it, this is what other people are saying:

“Riding with them for 3 hrs along with the workshop improved my road awareness and confidence.
This workshop needs to be recognised to being so important to bikers, a large waiting list shows there’s support. This is also fantastic in bike presence for the police out on the pubic, their should be more Police bikes should be out seen on the roads.”

“I had heard good things about the BikeSafe course so took the opportunity to book on to yesterdays course, I wasn’t disappointed. There is a clear passion by the Police riders for what they do and they want to ensure civilian riders can benefit from the extensive training they receive and pass on as much as possible. Trying to get their 5 weeks training into 1 day takes some doing but they covered the basics of most areas. The classroom based material was just right, no shock tactics which can turn people off, just factual information and advice. The ride out in the afternoon was an experience, not just riding with a Copper in your mirror, but knowing that everything you are doing is being scrutinised for your benefit. I only passed my bike test at the end of last year so it was great to know no bad habits had crept in. The most invaluable advice I took from the day was positioning, both for safety and vision, and always know where your dangers are. On top of all I learnt the weather was superb and it was a great day to be out with like minded riders wanting to pass on their knowledge and learn as much as possible in the short time we had. Well done to the BikeSafe team.”

“Please thank Ian and the other officers for an exceptional workshop today. The course that they have provided was both informative and enjoyable and I’m convinced is a major contribution towards improving road safety for motorcyclists and others. I have already signed up now for some additional formal training through the IAM following this short introduction and I hope I shall look back on the course as providing incentive motivation towards improving my own riding competence over the coming years. Once again – many thanks to all of them.”

“Firstly, I would like to thank you & the officers involved for their time & efforts.  I found the course to be excellent, I’ve been riding bikes, accident free for 20+ years. I came away from the course having been reassured by a highly trained professional that my riding was good but also some aspects of riding I wasn’t aware of & some new techniques to practice & apply to my riding that can only make me a better & safer rider. The officers were clearly ‘bikers’ first & police officers second. They were totally committed to making me as safe as possible on the roads & getting the most enjoyment out of my riding. I have have so much respect for them for doing this & I will be doing further advanced training as a result..Thanks guys :)”

“Real riding for real motorcyclists starts with the knowledge and improves with experience.”

“If you come along and leave with something, then it can’t have all been a waste of time.”

“I wish I had done this years ago – I would have enjoyed it more!”

“I thought I was a good rider until I followed these guys!”